Streamlining the regulatory journey for offshore oil and gas decommissioning


Over 200 oil and gas fields in the UK Continental Shelf will be decommissioned in the next decade, at an anticipated cost of over £20 bn (OGA Cost Estimate Report 2019).  The UK has the opportunity to become a world leader in the safe, cost effective and environmentally sound decommissioning of our offshore assets.

The Decommissioning Regulatory Hub (DecomRegHub) is a partnership of regulatory agencies with a shared interest in oil and gas decommissioning.  Our goal is to help the decommissioning sector understand their regulatory obligations, from planning for decommissioning through safe dismantling of infrastructure and disposal of waste, supporting innovation and promoting compliance across all decommissioning projects.  

We focus on decommissioning offshore oil and gas infrastructure in the UK Continental Shelf.  The scope of DecomRegHub's work is defined as "the collective activities involved in withdrawing oil and gas infrastructure from operation at the end of its economic life, including the safe and legal processing of materials returned to shore, as far up the waste hierarchy as possible".      

Our Regulatory Forum and Digital Hub will

  • Signpost to regulatory resources
  • Share information and learning across all regulators
  • Acknowledge and address situations where there are competing regulatory demands

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