Streamlining the regulatory journey for offshore oil and gas decommissioning


The DecomRegHub aims to make the regulatory journey clearer for all those with an interest in offshore oil and gas decommissioning, providing a route to engage with multiple regulators at the right time. 

All regulators advise early engagement to ensure expectations are clear and timescales for decommissioning can be met.  This is particularly important where new technology or innovative approaches are proposed  

A typical regulatory journey through decommissioning of an asset is shown on our Decom Regulation page. For ease of use, we have aligned the resources with the 'Business Activities' of a typical regulatory journey as shown in the infographic, so the types of regulatory activity needed at each stage of decommissioning is visible. Remember that each decommissioning project will be different and you may need to access resources in an order which best suits your project.

This page provides links to key information and guidance from regulators which may be useful at different stages of the decommissioning journey.  To jump straight to a short summary for each regulator, please click the relevant link:





We plan to add more resources as the site develops, and we welcome comments or suggestions on content through our contact page.