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New SEPA Compliance and Beyond structure in place from October 1st

October 19
Posted by Louise Brown

Our portfolio is changing to reflect SEPA’s new priorities and ways of working, and to allow us to implement our Sector Plans, including the Oil and Gas Decommissioning Sector Plan. The change will mean the way we regulate will be quicker, more efficient and more effective.

SEPA’s Compliance and Beyond (C&B) Portfolio coordinates SEPA’s day-to-day interaction with regulated businesses, tackles unauthorised activity and pollution events, and builds productive partnerships with industry stakeholders and communities.  The new structure in Compliance & Beyond reflects our new ways of working and will help ensure SEPA is best placed to meet the ambitious challenge we have set ourselves in becoming a Phase 2 EPA.

The new portfolio will be made up of the following functions. 

Enforcement Function -  strategic leadership in order to ensure that enforcement is carried out consistently, efficiently and effectively.

Environmental Performance Function – lead delivery of site regulation and environmental event management,

Legal Function - advise SEPA on using its powers to maximise influence and environmental  improvement.

Permitting Function -  provide efficient and effective permitting processes to deliver permits with clear and powerful obligations.

Resolution Function – support staff in finding solutions to significant or longstanding compliance issues.

Following engagement and consultation with our staff we have integrated existing roles into the new structure. We have also reorganised geographical teams to ensure we have a wide ranging presence across Scotland and can respond rapidly to events and incidents. 

This may mean some changes to organisational contacts for some business already engaging with SEPA.. If you are unsure who to contact going forward, please contact SEPA’s Communications Centre on 03000 99 66 99.  More information can be found on SEPA’s website.